Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today i m shattered really will i be serious euf for my dreams

can i save myself from being just ordinary :( ?

i dnt know

i m sorry for myself .....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Songs i like to listen

These are some of the songs i like to listen the most . The kind of music i like .....

The songs i am putting up here today are by Raghu Dixit Project . I hope all of you must have listened to their music.

Hope you enjoy these songs as much as i do .......
Ps : the copyright to all these songs belong to Raghudixit Project

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To move away

To move away

from your infectious sight
from your contagious smile
from your glowing face
seems hard
and it breaks me into
many small parts

why me always
i ask
why me everytime
i question

I close my eyes
i can still see
you and me
the springs , the autums
the winters and those rains

those mornings and noons
and those evenings
all those were ordinary
but your presence made
them unforgettable and special

why cant we be together
why did we have to meet
if at the end we just had to MOVE ON

why were you to become some special
if at the end you had to be just a friend
why were you to touch the core of my heart
if you had to break it one day

to move on
and away from you
brings me pain
but its something
i have to do
cause being with you now
just doesnt feel the same

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hard Hard Times

Yeah, time after college have been hard . You goota be at the top of your game if you have to survive in this world , there are no free rides avaliable for anyone. Some part of life you gottame for struggle and make your way up the ladder and that time for me is now and i am not gonna give up on myself and my dreams so easily , nah never , i cant loose i wll never loose cause i am not a looser i a winner and i will prove it.

Silly times these are
for no matter what you do
you always end up miles short
of the place you thought u would reach

Silly times these are
for no matter what you do
you are always being mocked at
but in the silly times
you have to ge up and give your best

you have always said
u r the best
and people have called you silly
but its in these silly times u gotta get up
and prove urself!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am Lost

 I don't know what to post here . Does this blog belong to me ??  I am coming here to scribble something after a very very long time and i am all but lost. I don't know but the going has been tough for me as far as cat preparations are concerned . I am just not doing anything and its depressing for me . As far as joining is concerned no good news on that front either , and i am just getting myself into a mess sitting at home IDLE doing nothing but orkutting , chatting .......

They say when you want something badly you work for it with all you have then why am i resigning to this fate i just cant understand this. There is so much to work for , there is so much to do and i am here wasting my time like an idiot . 

I will have to give me a reason for working hard . I would have to take my decisions , have confidence in myself and start working else i will be screwed. I will have to work according to a plan and that's what i will be doing now . I am not a looser and will never accept defeat i will keep on trying no matter what the end result is this i promise myself.  I will have to enjoy whatever i am doing.

Lets start all over again and be sincere in this attempt....

Monday, May 18, 2009

i will rise

i will rise 

for no one else but myself 

i will prove myself 
to satiate no one else 
but myself 

One day i will have what ever i desire and all world will be at my feet . Just wait and watch and for all those who mock me well so called friends it will be you who will be the ones congratulating me.

I will make it to the top of the ladder and fulfill all my dreams no matter how much i bleed , how much i sacrifice , how much pain i have to go and how may tests i have to take. 

I will not give up, till i prove myself . Yes i am special and i am unlike all of you and i will prove it to you and if not i will rather die trying than accept defeat. 

Give up never 
Fight for yourself forever 
for its the fighter who wins 
and even if he dies 
his soul rests in peace. 

This is my story , my life , my struggle , and my pursuit of destiny . I just know one aim , one lakshay . The battle has begun , the shots are being fired I have to perform and scale the mountain or die trying . I am a soldier who knows only victory, whatever it takes to get there i have to give. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I m happy

i m happy

for i see some hope

i m happy

for i think the country has been saved from clutches of MAYAWATI

Her dreams of becoming the prime minister of INDIA has dashed for hopefully another five years and that makes me proud of mandate given by electorate this time.

As far as Manmohan Singh is concerned well he has his work cut out in times of economic recession i dont think he will affect my life much , life goes on and on and on . Leaders ans governments come and go but still he was the most able person among the candidates for top post and its good that he became the PM again.

I have nothing personal against Mayawati just that i dont like her corrupt image i am not a racist just a patriotic Indian who wants his country to progress and those who are fighting elections on bases of caste and creed well this is not going to work anymore atleast for the regional parties .